Three singles and more to come!

Jay Korner has recorded three singles; "High On Life" (2023), "Will You Save Me" (2021) and "We're Back Again" (2020). All three songs have been recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden, with Jay on drums, percussion and vocals, and co-producer Alexander Asp on guitars and bass. Jay is also super grateful for the awesome contributions by both Swedish and international guest musicians.

"High On Life" is the latest single from Jay. The catchy guitar riff and deep funky hammond organ/clavinet improvisations capture the 70's sound from artists like The Meters and Sly Stone. It features amazing solos by Stefan Jernståhl (Hammond organ) and Josue Garcia (trumpet), super tight congas rhythms by Pär Gustafson, and awesome backing vocals from the very cool singer Domenico Solaro. Jay wrote the song to his two teenage daughters and it has a positive and inspirational message.

"Will You Save Me" is a heavy funk/soul flavoured love song with an infectious guitar riff theme. The music is influenced by artists like Mandrill, The Meters and Buddy Miles. The song is all about searching for and finally finding the right one. 

"We're Back Again" is a real comeback song with a classic early 70s funk sound inspired by Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, and the early Commodores. It was written in the turbulent times of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests and conveys a hopeful message - No matter how difficult things look - if we do our thing right and work together, we can get back on track again.

At least three more singles will be released during the course of 2023, leading up to his debut album in 2024.

Available on all digital music platforms. Listen here!

Examples of previous reviews:

"Funk masterclass is in session. Darn catchy."

(Illustrate Magazine)

"Energy packed funk track. It's a big, big sound."


"Infectiously fun groove, designed for dancing our cares away"

(Static Dive)

"Empower the listener into taking life head-on, living it to its fullest"


"Upbeat melody and entire energy add to the track making it impossible not to sing along"

(Heatwaves Mag)

"A love song that is mature, straightforward and doesn't play games.

That, alongside the old school spirit of the funktacular foundation, makes this a standout"

(Rising Artists Blog)

"A funk-soul jewel in perfect 70s style"

(We Are YMX)

"Motown Soul meets Memphis horns and a deep New York City funk.

A fantastic shoutout to a funkier time"

(Static Dive)

"Thriving grooves that sprinkle a soul-infused twist on the remarkable funk-fueled origins"

(Buzz Music)

"A touch of funk to some killer bass and bright horns"

(The Other Side Reviews)

"The bright horn sections, rhythmic guitars and Jay's effortlessly charismatic vocals are just magnetic"

(Turntable Thought)

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